Essential Tips to Take Good Care of Yourself

Hydrate Moisturer is your skin’s best friend. During the day, fresh, gel-textured lotions and serums will restore a plumper, smoother texture and suppleness to the skin. You want a dewy look without a greasy feel.

Exfoliate To keep skin looking fresh, regular exfoliation is key. Look out for an exfoliator that refines and hydrates at the same time.

Refresh A great fix to pep up dull, parched skin is to refresh with a thermal water spray. These are rich in minerals and antioxidants and give your skin added protection with each refreshing mist. They also help balance skin pH levels.

Nourish You can worry about more serious skincare at night when skin naturally goes into repair mode. Products laced with antioxidants and other restorative ingredients will perform better to give you a true ‘beauty sleep’.

3 Tips to Pamper your skin

Sometimes skin can feel dry and out of condition, so ensure you have some luxurious, pampering treats on hand.

Be gentle Look for natural-based soaps and cleansers. They’re gentle and will prevent your skin from getting drier still when you shower away the stickiness of the day. And don’t let your shower water get too hot – it’ll also dry out your skin more.

Boost circulation A gentle exfoliating body scrub will slough away particularly dry, rough patches of skin and will also give sluggish circulation a boost.

Soothe skin After a shower, smooth a luxurious body lotion onto still-damp skin to lock in moisture and leave your skin silky smooth

3 Tips to Soothe your soles

Be sure to keep your feet in shape so that they always look good enough to strap into sandals.

Smooth away crusty bits with a pumice stone.

Cleanse your feet really well in warm water laced with a drop or two of antiseptic. Dry them off properly, especially in-between the toes.

Rub in a clean-scented foot lotion. Massage in the lotion for a couple of minutes – it’ll leave your feet soft and smooth, and help ease tension from the rest of the body.

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