Do You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

Why more people get hooked to hooping all over the world? What is the craze about?
There are a lot of people looking for different ways to stay fit. Many ask how hooping can help with weight control, how many calories it can burn (by the way it burns about 7 calories per minute) and how fast they can loose those inches around their waist. Hooping is so much more than a tool to stay fit. It teaches you to connect with your body, it teaches you to love your body. Hooping keeps you moving, and if you do it regularly, it helps you to get stronger, fitter, improve posture. I could go on with physical benefits of hula hooping. But our bodies need more than that.
Hooping is an outlet that takes you from negative to positive. It helps to combat stress and depression. Do a little experiment. Play the music you love and start hooping. Even if you are a total beginner and can make a hoop go only one-two rotations, lead with that. Set a goal of one rotation more with each try. A tip for a successful start: posture and pace are two essentials. After a while, when you are done, ask yourself if your brain was thinking chores, work, any troubles? You get in the circle you get out of your head!
And you know what else is great about hooping? You do not have to be an athlete, a dancer, a yogi or such to learn moving with a hoop, be good at it, and have fun. You do not have to have a certain body shape or size. You do not have to be of a certain age, gender. Hooping is for people of all walks of life. It is an exercise for body, mind, and soul. Have you tried hooping yet?

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