Stay Healthy and Fit on a Road Trip

Road trip! These two little words can either escalate your enthusiasm and spirits in anticipation of your forthcoming travel plans or provide you with a deep sinking feeling of apprehension and dread. Incorporation of some easy strategies can transform your road trip into a fun filled activity and keep you healthy too-making you plan your next road trip pretty soon. These little tips on eating right, staying awake, being comfortable, and avoiding stress and so forth, will help you arrive at your chosen destination feeling refreshed and energized

You thoughts of feeding yourself “on the road” will typically conjure images of vending machines, fast food parlors and road side motels alike. But, then you need not rely on these means of having your “daily bread” only -there are others ways of addressing your hunger pangs too. Well, you may choose to carry your own brown bags and package homemade food to last you through the journey. Having snacks and drinks in the car are a healthy way of keeping your digestive system under control and saving yourself some good money too. Remember to carry along dried fruits, plain water, cheese sticks, apples and bananas, sandwiches, chocolates and/or nuts. Just wash all your food items before leaving home and strive to keep perishable items under chill temperature. These high-salt, high-fat, and high-sugar foods are usually all that you will require to stay healthy and charged on your road trip! (image by Fairfax County)

Sitting in your car or a bus for hours together can cause muscular pain and noticeable stiffness. It is important to give importance and a little bit of extra attention to make your trip more comfortable. To avoid pains and aches during your long road journey, you need to make sure that you’re seated comfortably at the wheel and your seat is well set too– so that you do not have to stretch yourself to reach the steering wheel. A seat angle of 100-degrees ensures that you are not slouching and the lumbar part of your back has good support. Use a rolled up towel or a small pillow for the purpose. On very long drives, consider resting your feet on the floor and switching on the “cruise control”-this will help in making the going easier for your back and hips.

It’s good to keep taking pit stops regularly. After driving for an hour or so, consider pulling upon the side, getting off and walking for few minutes or stretching yourself in other ways -before carrying on. This is all the more true in the case of people suffering from chronic back pain or other issues that tend to be triggered off by being seated in a single position for a longer period of time.

While this is quite obvious, you must make sure that you get plenty of sleep before you leave-though the act may be a little difficult with last minute preparations coming your way. Proper rest while driving improves your overall competence and makes your reactions to external situations more positive. Usage of simple relaxation tips and easy ways of alleviating stress are also important and require careful consideration too. (image by RelaxingMusic)

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